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Modern Superhero: 3.1 Philip Lim FW2012

In my previous trend presentation, I foresee that superhero will become the trend. We are not talking about wearing Superman S logo tee-shirt or underwear on top of pants. This is more about empowerment. Garments that make you feel you can save the day.

Philip Lim presented his collection in New York two days ago with a theme about modern day superhero, which is an extension of his similar idea in pre-fall. Since it is superhero-themed, he made a few cape and cape-like sweater to boost up the superpower. Overall, the superhero outfits are not costumy at all but über-wearable. It’s exactly what modern superhero meant to be. He interpreted the idea with simple and crisp silhouette. Every cut is imbued with strength and confidence. The use of black and white contrast is like a battle between dark and light. It created a very visual-intriguing effect.


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