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London Design Festival 2017 Lifestyle Trends

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

London design festival 2017 trend report

For the whole weekend from 21st to 24th September 2017, London has hosted the biggest design festival that was happening around the city. Events namely 100%Design, Design Junction, Design fair and etc, were held under the creative vibes from Interior and exterior design studios, lighting design houses, New generation designers- owned brands and emerging innovations. Here comes again the time to wrap up Mood and Tone of key directions captured during these inventive events.

Why Poetic Realism?

It has been a while for design products, that mainly focused on genuine material and matter of functions, while our lifestyle has been calling for a little romance. In this season, I was excited by several alternative ways how makers and matter can be twisted and transformed in many different forms. At the same time, I was impressed by things and stories that lies behinds them. Because of the way that objects were telling their imaginative, aesthetic and beautiful stories, they simply translated into performances of ability by colours of visual, touch of its surfaces, shapes and forms, and the way they connect to our lifestyle.

“Thing that we see is not what we see until we put a definition into it”.

London design festival 2017 trend report2
London design festival 2017 trend report3

Some people says “Pink is not dead”. I started to question ‘Has it ever died?”.

Pink can be translated in multiple ways. For this moment, pink turned into the softest value than ever before. Not only in Fast Fashion which is the mood of Autumn 2017 at this moment, but also for lifestyle trend. Pink comes together with honest materials such as wood, just like a velvet chair from David Watson, raw linen in pink from Casa Almacen, or a raw composite material form recycle plastic and wooden board pink table form Andnew. Another romance story was about making glass look sexier from Pimento, John Hogan and Rive Roshan. This transparent object has its own way of being naked by the soft colour ranges finished to its surface.

London design festival 2017 trend report5
London design festival 2017 trend report7

There are two key directions of combining natural material with synthetic ones. In this season, it seems that nature has been contaminated by human-made material instead. The connection is likely to be deeper in a sense of matter but it doesn’t have to be complicated. On the other hands, It can be more fun and playful. From the wooden and copper bench from Origin Project, it drew contouring lines as if they are not solid material. Colourful flocking Wooden stools from Chris Narramore also brought out concentrated colour influence to a calmly natural matter like wood. Another direction is nature-inspired material, it was further developed into well-constructed products. From ‘Rustles by Prin London’, the brand has alternatively coloured their objects with natural pigments and oxidized processes. Recycled plastic that Andnew has developed to create their special composition for a compressed board is another example of innovative recycling.

The last three directions are something cool around the event deserved to be spotted. Cuteness is another expression of romance when people played it in poetical view point. Cool stuffs from ‘The Theatre’ has magically caught attention from anybody who was passing by. From Yusu and Yuta Segawa, although they were just little objects, these tiny things narrated variety of traditional whilst technical skills behind them. Swings can also pulled out a lot of attention from all. With its special lighting feature, it could potentially give a sense of nostalgic yet innovative ambience to our living room. Lastly, the colour ranges of Poetic Realism were displayed in many different sources of elements. Here, we took examples from soft but lively hues that performed as ‘Colours in between colours’ so that there will be more possibilities to apply to any function of lifestyle.

London design festival 2017 trend report4
London design festival 2017 trend report8
London design festival 2017 trend report6

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