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A New Space Around Body

Korean Cultural Centre in London is currently holding a exhibition called A New Space Around Body, showcasing designs from new Korean fashion designers. All of these designers are recent graduate from Central Saint Martin’s, London College of Fashion or Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp. Currently Doo-ri Chung seems to be the biggest Korean name out there. Will these new designers follow suit?

Minky Jaemin Ha (What men live by?)

As it is featured as the cover image for the exhibition, his collection is certainly eye-catching and metaphorical.  Japanese designers always like to talk about ma (間), the space between body and cloth. In this case, the ample space between the dress and body reflects a question about survival. The sculptural oval shape is almost like a fashionable space capsule.

Ara Jo is probably the most successful one among the bunch. Why? Because Ms Gaga wore it. (Check here if you don’t remember:

Juhee Han (Untitled)

As a knitwear designer, Juhee Han works with rich texture and colours in her design. The metallic adornment creates an interesting communication between different materials in the outfit.

Yeashin Kim (Sea Creatures)

Minju Kim (Love Power)

Kathleen Kye (King Kong Dream, Urban Nouveau Riche)

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