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Made of hair

Hair and blood are the new inspirations for creatives to put forth stories that are uniquely human.

In a project titled Tangible Truths, fibre-artisan Sybille Paulse creates soulful artefacts made of hair. She collected lost hair of cancer patient during chemotherapy and turned them into personalised jewellery. Every piece of hand-braided jewellery is telling a unique story of strength and positivity.

Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity made a bigger statement with hair. To stop people using “gay” as a derogatory sense, they asked more than 100 people in the LGBT community to donate their hair and weaved them into a sweater that’s really gay.  “People really wanted their stories and their lives and their experiences woven into this,” Jeremy Dias, Director of the Centre says.


Australian magazine Vangardist’s approach is even more contradictory. In order to destagmatise HIV, they printed the magazine cover with blood of three HIV+ donors. Even it is completely safe to touch, this rather bold act received big reaction.

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