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Grammy’s 2014 flashback : The call for equity

“What ever god you are believing in. We come from the same one .Strip away the fear .

Underneath it’s all the same love”, The most influencing sentences from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song

called “Same love” featuring Mary Lambert,one of the most successful movement during the past year.

Even more astonishing from Grammy’s Awards performance, the show was enlightening by the

cooperation from Madonna and the beautiful 33 couples of different genders and skin colors who chose

this moment to celebrate their marriage. By the time they were exchanging rings, Madonna highlighted

up with her renown “Open your heart” song and the entire stage became colored in the neon lighting tone

of world-wide church to people who have the same love.

Another rookie who become very successful from the song “Royals” performed such an independent

show as well. From 2 grammy’s she awarded in this year, no need to describe how unique and excellent

royal quality she is. Just like the song said, we’ll never be royals.It don’t run in our blood..That kind of lux

just ain’t for us, we crave a different kind of buzz.Let me be your ruler.You can call me queen bee.

Baby I’ll rule. “Let me live that fantasy”.

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