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All About Body: Body Architect Lucy McRae

Born in Britain, artist Lucy McRae called herself a body architect. Her fascination on human body originated from her ballet training. “Ballet training was very disciplined from an early age, and I know how to communicate and express myself with my body”, Lucy said in an interview with Dirty Magazine. Body transformation and reshaping are centered in her artwork. She is interested in imagining how technology and science is transforming our body. She also has a close relationship with fashion. Skin Probe dress for Philip Design reacts to wearer’s emotion by changing intensity, shape and colour of lights embedded in the dress. In a photoshoot for Dutch fashion magazine Blend, she created eight supernatural images to represent the evolution of Levi’s 501.

Lucy McRae’s Skin Probe Dress

Lucy McRae for Levi’s

Her latest work “Morphe” is a video collaborated with beauty brand Aesop. Lucy drew inspiration from nineteenth-century scientist Hermann von Helmholtz, who wrote that “everything is an event on the skin”. The video features super-sensory beauty treatment in an Aesop-like orderly laboratory. Lucy’s aesthetics best represents Aesop’s philosophy on merging technology and nature.

More about Lucy McRae in her official website.

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