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Beauty Mega Trends part II

Let’s continue the beauty forecast that I got an idea from a presentation at Bangkok Trend Symposium by Mr. Olivier Guillemin, Chairman of the Comite Francais de la Couleur, France. If you’ve missed the previous article, you can go check it out on Beauty Mega Trend part I . From the Supernature concept to Culture mix & Culture shock and end up the previous article with something precious. There are still 4 trends left to go here:

Virtual Beauty


As we are talking about beauty in a more futuristic aspect, 3D technology is one of the mainstreams to forecast. But how 3D technology can do with reality beautifying? What if there are new make up feature that can evolve new texture to your face and provide you with an aura effect like holographic reflection. This is not a very far future anymore if you have seen Chanel’s holographic nail polish to be our starting point inspiration. Another 3D technology gadget is eblush. As stylus has been used to operated everything on a touchscreen, it’s time for eblush that has been developed to illustrate a free-hand stroke and enable user to control their preferable hand pressure. The current example for you to follow up is Leonard’s eblush1s.

Bionic Beauty : Robotization


To talk about robot, the image of silver matter with metallic potential must drive in to your mind. Would it be nice if there any make up can turn human skin into metallic? Probably not for now…  but who knows? In the future, you might think it’s pretty cool to be a glossy coated person. It’s not just an idealistic concept after any color and surface can be developed in nail polish production.

Artificial Beauty: Surgery


Cosmetic surgery becomes like a culture. From now on, it would be an ordinary social norm to have your second skin. You can openly decide what you’d prefer to be. As well as a real skin that you can also choose what’s it suppose to look like. Instead of a flush on your face, you’d probably prefer to have it matted or shined.



For this last trend, I would honestly say that I don’t see it can be actually called beauty… however, it depends on what’s your beauty attitude. In the coming long time ahead, having your skin colored in red, blue or pink would be the first thing you’d like to do instead of getting tan or using whitening moisturizer.

Images credit : Chanel, Leonard’s ebrush, Vogue Japan, Vogue UK.

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