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Boundary Blurring: Bring local to global

Between East and West, North and South, there is no definite boundary anymore. Are you sure that black contrasts with white? Are you sure the opposite of male is female? Come from a boundary blurring world, designers feel more legitimate to put local ideas on global stage. Here are some evidences from London Fashion week.

Nova Chiu

While local markets around the world generate their concepts from global trends, there are some designers bring local craftsmanship to international attention. Nova Chiu, a former student from London College of fashion, applied Chinese local textiles to London fashion week collection after her graduation last year. It gave us a number of extraordinary ethnic fabrics whilst bringing the exotic traveller mood through every looks.

Tata Naka

It’s the most attractive African influenced collection. Tata Naka highlighted this collection by selecting keys colors from African wall paints, for example, clay orange, spinach green, whitebright yellow and pale purple. With many iconic pattern and African woman portrait, it is completely their local tribal spirits. The translation of this collection is quite smart; most of the clothing silhouettes are from office wears just to avoid being too arty.

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