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FALL 2014 Menswear runway trends

Welcome to Fall 2014 menswear report! Have you ever noticed that we are now entering

the 15th year of the 21st century by the end of Fall/Winter 2014/15.

Eventhough there are many questions about the future of fashion.

What direction will fashion lead us to? Or  What is the next great designer of this era?

It sounds like finding a new wizard that we don’t even know who is he/she?

The good news is here. Seems like there are some bright signals of the future in Menswear runway.

We found a cooperation between the opposites. We found dream and trust among the difficult times.

We found an exploration inside human , new invention which is not new but extraordinary.

The major clue is to improvise our existed knowledge into new invention.

The future is here and now. If you take a look around, we are creating it.


“You may say I’m a dreamer. but I’m not the only one” .

We still can’t deny that there are so many conflicts occurred around the world.

a lots of countries are engaged to environmental problems, social political violence

 and world’s economy. Rebellion is one of the most influenced moves of the year.

To see equality and peaceful. Similarly to Umit Benan, Walter Van Beirendonck ,

Alber Elbaz and the D brothers of Dsquared, They called for equality through their sense of style.

menswear fall 2014 001


Messages were shortened into a visual form.

For the symbol lovers, this is the most playful and simplest communication.

These 2 dimension note are varies depending on what designers want to speak for.

You will see different concept about animal and nature life , small fragment of art,

simplified shapes of planet astronomy.

menswear fall 2014 (deleted d6c7ee2ca8c7f7a8d00de874e8fc80a4).002


Everyone can be an artist. An exploration of street art is now representing

as the high-end aesthetic of our generation. These studio worker styles appear to compose art and

fashion into the same format while still keeping an urban attractiveness on the runway.

menswear fall 2014 (deleted d6c7ee2ca8c7f7a8d00de874e8fc80a4).003


Scientist, explorer, researcher .What every you call this society – viewed a dated person,

think again when you look at the entire menswear shows. Oversize kent coat matched with full-length

trousers were paraded as if these men are proud to be considered as cool geeks.

menswear fall 2014 (deleted d6c7ee2ca8c7f7a8d00de874e8fc80a4).004


Although colour of materiality like wooden brown, cement grey or dusty shades are not feel very new for

us. However, in this season, these kind of materiality tones were introduced into many other pigments

carrying out unusual neutral shades of taupish green ,mauvish blue and more.

The look of not too bright but not too dark also goes well with matte touch of utilitarian mix material

that is ideally found in home studio.

menswear fall 2014 (deleted d6c7ee2ca8c7f7a8d00de874e8fc80a4).005


As consumers can become makers. These diversity of patterns are curated

from the already existed resources. People are now more enjoy inventing and discovering randomly

things. The age of enlightenment is about to continue. The most important thing is

to share this playfulness yet sometimes a bit ridiculous together.

menswear fall 2014 (deleted d6c7ee2ca8c7f7a8d00de874e8fc80a4).006


After we discover solution of many answer, we question more.

Technology and digital information enable us to know and to aware of thing we don’t know yet.

So please relax but stay calm and strong . Remember to get ready to anything unexpectedly.

menswear fall 2014 (deleted d6c7ee2ca8c7f7a8d00de874e8fc80a4).007

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