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FW2013 Ready to Wear Runway Trends Report Part 2

In the previous runway trend report partI, I’ve mentioned a lot about a place for green as a key colour.

However, green doesn’t particularly come with military trend like everybody thinks. Military trend in this

season comes in blue camouflage.

Not surprisingly, when there is less green around your environment ,

the next colour from nature you can see is blue.

We can see from some leading brands such as Fendi,Christopher Kane and Michael Kors that there is

more pleasant to play with indigo, navy and some other army blue. Prints, fur woven , denim applique

or even metallic sequin techniques are simply utilized to the army family as a whole.


Many different designers talk about new materiality through their collection. Fur has recomposed its own

quality to the new value. Strong ,bold – line fur attracts most of your attention out from any other items

on a total look.

This matter speaks for women that it’s normal to be over confident.


In the same way to feathers,nothing they’d like to be but themselves. Feather embellishment in Gucci

collection creates wings whilst showing guardian potential.As well as Maison Martin Magiela and

Chanel did,they wrapped women body with wings.

Wings actually used to be a symbol of escape.

Not anymore, today it is obvious that they put a new sense into this matter.

Wings are shield


Several stories of deep brown , polished black and ashes grey wouldn’t be completed if there no vibrant

red added in a collection. Red doesn’t appear to be a highlight between colours harmony.

This eye-catching hue just need to take a bit of disturbing. There are 55 looks in Versace collection,

only 6 are red.Nina Ricci collection put just 8 reds from 48 looks.Do you get it? Just disturb…




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