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Going Slow: Low-Tech Factory by ECAL students

ECAL (École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne) students presented a series of low tech installation in the low-tech factory exhibition during designers’ saturday in Langenthal. The low-tech solutions to manufacturing is an antithesis to the technological world we are experiencing.

Oncle Sam machine focuses on the transformation from corn to popcorn and celebrates each one in grandiose fashion. Rocking knit is a rocking chair equipped with gears to knit hats. Stamp creates a production line that converts plastic trellis into lamp through heating and shaping.

Each design is a perfect example to look closer into the production process and beautify it. In a world that emphasizes speed and result, we have overlooked the process that makes things happen. Low-tech factory is an idea to produce in a slower but more meaningful way.

Look at some of the low-tech factory videos here:

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