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Low-tech Creativity

The world is moving forward faster and faster everyday. A new generation inventor stimulated by digital know-how would be undoubtedly creating new technology to assist in every step of their life. Even so, it doesn’t seem very easy in many developing countries where high technology could not be approached because of not much economical support. In most developing world, new generation inventors don’t restrain their creativity with just because of financial problem. It became more challenge to find what kind of surrounding objects can possibly turn to solutions?

The art of improvisation has started from everyday object. Things that made by hands with home utensils under the private studio that has adapted from home garage. On the day after, your surrounding will change. Everything on your sight can imaginably be a material for your next project.

The following photographs collection shot from Bangkok ‘Same same but diferent’ book was like local invention story telling. Although, The creativity through the low-tech and low-cost solution are not consider as Art but because of an unattractive looking, make it more focusing on function. And because of depending on function, it is no need to follow the main purpose of which they were made for. Everything can be twisted the world of improvising.

kalak book 10

Get the chair repaired by fasten it with plastic ropes(also new legs added) and a mop made from socks.


Hand made brake light attached the inside lightbulb with electric wire and CD disc with new reflection function for traffic.

Another example is from Massoud Hassani who designed a low-cost wind-powered mine detonator for Afghanistan desert, where he grew up and played with his brother next to the desert. He inspired his project from his childhood rolling toy that allowed him to learn about wind power.


Several years later, he came back with the same toy but twenty times bigger made by bamboo and plungers and start launching this gigantic ball into land mine. To see how it works, see the following video.


Credits : Same same but different book , Massoud Hassani.

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