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Macro Trend Forecast: Superhero

This a trend presentation prepared by one of our blog author, Hesperus Mak, in October last year.

Natural disasters, political instability, financial crises: we live in an era of chaos and desperation. There is an urgent need of hope and positive energy. We want someone who can fight for changes and fill the world with optimism.

We need superheroes.

Not only the superpowers they possess lure us into fantasizing about human potentials, their heroic nature inspires us to believe in the best human behaviour.

We want to be superheroes.

We are not as far from being superheroes as we may think. Technology is the superpower we have. We can create rain by shooting lasers up to the sky. Indeed the dream of flying has been realized over a century ago. But the core of superheroes is their altruistic deeds. Epitomized by the real life superhero movement, it is the inner qualities that matter the most.

We can all be superheroes.

Five superhero archetypes are envisioned for the coming decade. They will be the source of inspirations for fashion and design.

With a mutated body, The Transformer is the prototypical survivor of disasters; he is characterized by skin coloured fabric and experimental shapes.

The Ultra Sensor has enhanced senses for ultimate sensory experience. We can feel the intensity by a range of vibrant colour tones.

The Nature Merger manoeuvres elemental forces with a full integration with Mother Nature. Fire, water, air, earth are all inspirations for colours and prints that make peace with nature.

The Mentalist augments her power by forming alliances and controlling thought. She is a born knitter of intricate human relationship.The

Awakened Warrior is as ordinary as all of us. He is not gifted but no less powerful. He makes white colour powerful and shines. 

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