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Macro Trend Forecast : The New Renaissance

Today we share another trend forecasting presentation by our another blog author, Suthini Tanangsnakool.

Living in uncertain times, we are looking forward to new directions. Unable to foresee a viable future, we start looking back to a fecund golden past. People have looked at the past as a source of inspiration many times in history. The famed Italian Renaissance, believed to be one of the most innovative and flourishing periods in history, was itself a revival of ideals from the ancient (Greco-Roman) civilization.

Is it possible that a time for revival of this golden age arrived again in the twenty-first century? Is returning to the past a way of changing from a linear timeline to a circular concept of time?

The New Ranaissance Trend is a forecasting of our contemporary era. In the 21st century, the century that science is over-valued and the role of human is being overshadowed, the revival of Renaissance is a reminder of returning to humanism. Therefore, through deconstructing five quintessential examples of Renaissance humanism, we will once again reconstructing the basic humanist values of society.

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