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Portraits of Belongings

Jiadang (Belongings) is an exhibition of Chinese photographer Huang Qingjun. In the photographs, Chinese people stand in front of their houses, and are surrounded by all of their possessions. Huang started the project more than 9 years ago. He wants to explore the link between people and their possessions. From the north to the south, from small villages to big cities, these photographs show the variation of life of different Chinese people. Marking the 10th anniversary, Huang plans to revisit those families next year to see how things change in the fast growing economy of China.

Another photographer, Sannah Kvist from Sweden, created a collection of photographs titled All I Own. Swedish students were pictured similarly along with all their possessions.

Both collections are timely reflection about what we need and what we own. See more about how other artists record life in their own ways in previous Contemporary Archaeology post.

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