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Pre-fall 2014 Collection trend report

One thing that we could trace and track the upcoming runway trends in Fall  is to view the pre-fall

collection. Pre-fall always be a good transition between Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter trend

as it might be the easiest way to predict what will be happening in the next Fall/Winter.

To get ready for this Fall 2014, we would like to offer  4 key directions of design that would be

the main movement of the season.

No need to explain how many times of masculinity took action in womenswear.

It is more than obvious that for many season Pants suit, tuxedo,oversize blazers, mens trousers,

bold shape top and bottoms with a not too short but not too long length,  have been introduced

into women’s runway and they are doubtlessly comfortable enough to stay longer.

The culture of ‘no shape no matter’ is also in a good mood to interpret to any other design direction.

As well as art aesthetic elements, we recently see more extreme color pigments, handicraft work inspiration,

humanity and philosophy in culture that bounded to fashion. It is no doubt to say that

“we are more attracted to connect with the real graspable experience”

Having too much attach to the Big data, would it be a good idea to have digital detoxed?

For this moment, “we stop chasing future. The future is here. To create what we want it to be”

First trend that we can find here is the ‘Fauvist Hautey’. Eventhough it is expressed

by the intense colour fusion, these colours are not the primary colour themselves. Besides,

it is delivering the sense of nonnatualistic paints while portraying the flourish develpment

of  combining high fashion with fast colours.

prefall 2014 runway report.002

For a spirit traveler, this is time for you to step outside with hats on , heels off and put the boots on

instead. The folklore culture reflects its own roots. From Chanel pre-fall show,

Lagerfeld has delivered us a new southern charisma of Texas

while Valentino chose to use folky geometric graphics.

prefall 2014 runway report.003

Grunge culture had grown out of the raw, messy scene surrounding the raw, loaded of instrumental sound.

For today and tomorrow, the strong statement of being “Tough and dark “is a new definition

for the next grunge ,translating through the black evolution.

Black is not boring. It always speaks for grunge culture as well as dark side of women.

Black is a shadow side , it reflects  masculinity , innate mind and contradiction.

prefall 2014 runway report.004

We are embodying and molding oneself to another. Body architechture doesn’t seem very new for

fashion philosophy. Instead of couture fashion , it had become more practicle and funtional for new

market segment. Shaping the future is our duty , perhaps this is what clothing is trying to state out loud .

prefall 2014 runway report.005

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