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Primitive Textile of Sruli Recht

The Israel-born Reykjavik-based designer Sruli Recht is an expert of using primitive animal-based materials in his design. His latest menswear collection, Field Dressing, consists of dolphin skin leather, horsetail-hair satin, spider-silk knit and reindeer skin. Everything in his collection is sourced and made locally in Iceland. Using dark/greyish tones and the minimalistic design, his collection sends an strong association with Iceland’s expansive wilderness.“This collection was lost out on the hunt, chasing the goal to no end,” Sruli Recht said.

Horsetail-hair Satin

Cetacea Leather

Spider Silk Knit

His previous collections also have other exotic materials, for example, he sewed 21 Svartfugl (blackbirds) on a hunted wild reindeer base in his When Gravity Fails collection. Under his tailored clothing, I see a very primitive hunter desire. It’s certainly controversial to use such materials, but is it just like what our ancestors did thousands years ago? His design is a modern example of human survival instinct and need of conquering the nature.

When Gravity Fails Collection

Image Sources: Dezeen

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