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See the lights See the colors

Colors impact every creature in the world.

They are part of our lives. Emotions can be shifted owing to the diversity of colors.

Nevertheless, how do you know that the colors you see from your surroundings are true?

How do you know that there is no another color despite your eyes sight ability?

From these images, there are colors under the uv light that we cannot see.

Because the globe axis of rotation is not right 90 degree angle ,

countries which located in equator line area are capable of receiving the UV

better than countries in others higher latitudes. This is why National geographic research has found

that People’s eyes ability can perceive colors according to the light quantity we obtain

and it is depend on the light incidence angle on their living location.

To this point, if you look back to the historic creations from many diverse culture,

you will see plenty of colors from countries in equator latitude area and less colors in others.

Even though It is not the main reasons, but it is the starting point of many reaction

like temperature which reflects human cultures, appearance, eyes colors.

How all these things influence the color trends?

Nowadays, world’s leading Fashion cities who move fashion business

are all located in the upper Tropic of Cancer latitude area.

In 2045, there will be 7 billions more population who is going to consume fashion

and most of them is living the equator area. In order to maintain a potentially clothing production,

may be you have to consider about the future consumers

who see more colors than other latitude area in this world.

Images(from left to right) : Mexico , Brazil , Thailand , Sweden , France , Finland

Images :

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