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2012 seems to be a good start for ethical fashion. We are not talking about suspicious eco-friendly collection of big retail chain. That kind of eco-fashion is more like a gimmick than true friend of our Mother Earth. Today I want to introduce two newly launched fashion brands that care about the world and try to rethink how they do the business.

Honest by is a radical new concept created by Bruno Pieters. The brand honestly offers full disclosure of their production process, materials origins (detailed to the level of buttons and security seal), carbon footprint and even cost breakdown. That means it is totally transparent. They take care of the wellbeing of animals also, insisting not using any leather, shell, horn or fur, even vegan option (totally animal product free) is available. I am sure it’s a big effort to do so (already reflected in the product price). To make the clothing more sustainable, they offers season-less clothing.

Full cost breakdown for a shirt

It’s not the first time a fashion brand tries to disclose ethical information to the customer. Rapanui Clothing, founded by two young entrepreneurs in 2008, offers “seed to shop” traceability for their product. But it is certainly game-changing for Honest by to disclose all relevant information to the customers.

Another new brand called Flourish Approach, is co-founded by Sarah Dixon and Danielle Sponder, which focuses on knitwear design. They try to consider how business connects with the wellbeing of society. By collaborating with the local communities and sourcing their traditional skills such as African batik, Mayan weaving, Estonian folk knitting, they create a truly global product and at the same time promote the traditional skills.

First Flourish Approach Collection

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