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Simple Beauty: Creations from everyday objects

Are you too busy to look around and appreciate the simplest thing in life? Will you find the most ordinary objects inspiring?

Subodh Gupta, one of the best contemporary Indian artists, is known for creating installations out of everyday objects. The chosen items are usually symbols of everyday Indian life, such as steel tiffin boxes used by millions to carry their lunch, thali pans and bicycles etc. He uses them to build impressive sculptures to address contemporary issues like waste, nuclear energy and industrialization. Like French conceptualist Marcel Duchamp, he elevated those ordinary items into art objects.

Another example is from German product designer Thomas Schnur. He created Rubber Table that uses toilet plunger as the table legs. The useful but hidden tool is brought into public attention by being transferred into a new environment.

It is usually easier to create out of what you have. But more importantly, you have to first pay attention in what you see. These everyday objects that used by the artists and designers are easy to overlook. It is also as easy to forget that there are many beautiful things we should appreciate in life. Savouring a piece of fruit, brewing coffee or opening closed shutter to a sunny day. If you don’t remember the last time that you were enjoying these moments, I suggest you to take a look at this film, titled the pleasure of and created by film maker vitùc.

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