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Super senses emerge

For the colourblinds, it would not be so easy to understand how colours influence to human senses.

Not anymore for colour sounds application introduced by Neil Harbisson known as Sonochromatic

 cyborg artist. He made a device attached to his head turns colour into audible frequencies that

makes each colour has its own tone depending on its frequency.Instead of seeing colour itself ,

he hears colours…  So they become like symphonies of colour when many colors come together.

Sometimes, being different from anyone else doesn’t mean that you are imperfect. On the other hands,

it’s a force to discover another knowledge that the ordinaries could not find.

“Life will be much more exciting when we stop creating applications for mobile phones

and we start creating applications for our own body.” Neil Harbisson said.

In the future trend, it would not be too complicated to extend our senses across each ones.

You may listen to the music that tasty. Choose the colour that smells good and

dress up what you think it sounds good.

“If we extend our senses, we will consequently extend our knowledge.”

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