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The Digital Natives

Generation Z, the group that born after 2000, is yet to be explored thoroughly in research as the major attention still goes to the Millennials. However there is one thing we are sure about, their native ability to handle digital devices. Born after the wide spread of internet, they are used to the connectedness of the world wide web. They also learn computer skills before certain life skills (e.g. cycling and swimming), according to a piece of research from AVG. How many times have you seen young kid holding smartphone and tablet? Always.

To lure this group of digital natives, brands have to be very digital savvy. Backseat Driver is the first product introduced by ToyToyota, which allows kids to join the driving experience. Kids can drive along the same road as the real car in the iPhone application, and collect items along the way. In this way, Toyota can educate their future customers the joy of driving. Japanese newspaper Tokyo Shimbun also try to make their content more engaging to kid. With the help of creative agency Dentsu, they launched an app that allow kids to scan certain area of the newspaper to read a kid-friendly version of the daily news. Animated characters and graphics, pop-up headlines and explanations about the topics will be revealed upon scanning. Similar to Toyota, they can engage young kid in current affairs by tapping into their digital native behaviour. Does it give a strong push for those brands who are not that technology-smart?

I would be eager to know how this group of kid behave when coming of age, and how their digital native ability affect their way of living.

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