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Three to Two: Is it going backwards or moving forward?

Chalayan FW2012                                                                                   Jens Lausen Painting

For every upcoming trend, there is always a counter trend. So as 3D becomes hotter than ever, some choose to reverse the aesthetics back to 2D. German artist Jens Lausen put traditional landscape painting into linear shapes. The simplistic and abstract painting is highlighted by sharp lines and bold colours. Hussein Chalayan, Rei Kawakubo and Vivienne Westwood staged 2D fashion pieces in the Paris runway that finished last week. These three designers have always been the innovators in fashion, they challenge mainstream ideas and create new silhouette. These pieces are their revolution against our 3-dimension obsession. Lo and behold, will this be a seed for the next trend?

Comme Des Garcon FW2012                                                    Vivienne Westwood FW2012


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