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Up: anti-gravity design

Anti-gravity is a fascinating possibility, that many scientists tried to conquer it in the history. While scientists cannot make it happen yet, designers and artists can use their imagination to create something visually anti-gravitational.

Interior designer Joyce Wang created a retro yet futuristic design for AMMO restaurant in Hong Kong. The spotlight of this restaurant is three spiral staircase chandeliers that  made of copper plumbing pipes. They are inspired by Jean-Luc Godard masterpiece Alphaville, in which spiral staircase is a recurring theme.

Hanging staircase has been quite an interesting designer choice. Last year, Netherlands-based studio Bertjan Pot hanged several safety ladder adorned with carnival lights in a theater-cafe in Schiedam. The rawness of ladder and the shininess of lights become an attractive juxtaposition. This design wins the FRAME moooi award in 2012 (a collaboration between FRAME magazine and dutch furniture company moooi.)

The best of hanging staircase would belong to Do Ho Suh. This Korean artist always creates art pieces that re-imagine architectural space. Staircase III, a permanent collection at Tate, is a red translucent polyester hanging staircase that tries to question the boundaries of spaces. Visitor would spend time gazing at the end of staircase, wonder what’s beyond, even though the answer is obvious.

“I truly believe that life is a passageway”, Suh said. The hanging stairs by Joyce, Bertjan Pot or Do Ho Suh seems to imply an aspiration to go somewhere through the staircase. Maybe it’s the sky, outerspace or maybe it’s heaven.

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