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We are Nomads

I am a modern nomad. Came from Hong Kong, but I am now working in London after studying in France and Italy. I am constantly adapting to different cultures – constantly on a journey. There are a lot of people like me out there, who are living in a modern nomadic lives. New York in the morning, London by night, the modern nomads travel through different geographic zones in one day.

In the light of this trend, fashion and design become nomadic and eclectic. Miguel Adrover returned to New York Fashion Week with a collection like a cultural collage. There is american street style but at the same time tribal headpiece. It’s like combining all his inspirations gained from past travel together. Issa London presented a trans-siberian journey in London Fashion Week. She picked out elements from Moscow to Beijing such as fur hat and cheongsam dress.  Craig Green, a Central Saint Martins MA graduate showed us the nomadic style in his graduate show. The simple and loose-fitting garment is perfect for commuting. Some of the clothes come with large adjoining containers; is that just an outfit or a home?

Miguel Adrover FW2012

Issa London FW2012

Central Saint Martins MA Show 2012

How about a mobile cabinet? Jolien Hanemaaijer, a young designer who graduated from Royal Academy of Art in The Hague designed a suitcase/ cabinet. She called it a infinite Home tool. Her idea came from her study abroad experience, when she was only allowed to bring one suitcase. Choices had to be made about what is important and what is not. This is the choice of nomad. We only keep things that is truly important around us.

This kind of multi-functional design is central to nomad related product. Bjarke Frederiksen designed a knapsack/ blanket/ chair. This Nordic Nomad Chair explores the paradoxical mobility of modern life. It also takes care of the emotional side of nomad. Being alone all the time in changing environment, a nomad would love to have one thing that can stay around. You can sit on it when you’re tired, carry it around during travelling – the functional versatility makes it the best friend of nomad.

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