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Fashion Innovation: The New Dior by Raf Simons

Supposedly fashion is always looking for something new. New colours, new trends, new materials in new season. But after all, who can really create something unseen before? Fortunately for Dior, Raf Simons makes it possible. For the new ready-to-wear collection, Raf took inspiration from the staple of the house, the Bar Jacket. Monsieur Dior used to pair it with full skirt in the post-war New Look.  But for Raf, he ditched the skirt and make the jacket long enough like a dress. He called it Jacket Dress.

Dior Bar Jacket 1947

“If it needs to be defined, I like the word Jacket Dress, but it’s one piece. I offer the freedom to wear it as a dress, without any other piece, but you can as well wear it with long pants or shorts or a long skirt or short skirt – so then you create a deux pièces look,” Raf explained.

It’s smart for him to create a new category by combining the two. At least now you may think, “I got some jackets and dresses in the wardrobe, but not jacket dress. Let’s go get it.” In fact, while we become more nomadic in life, a flexible piece of clothing is probably what you need. One that can be both a day wear and night wear.

And above all, you need a new signature for a new era. And here Raf signed his name on Dior.

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Learn more from this Raf Simons interview.

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