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SS2014 Ready-to-wear Runway Trend Report part2

Heels no more for girls! It is the perfect time to clam down and come down on flats.

Without heels, girls might think that they have to give up being luxurious.

No, it is not the only solution you got. Glamorous Prada flats are telling you to be chic

but comfy by deriving a bejeweled sporty pair of sandals to high fashion manifesto.

As well as Valentino golden metal decoration, it totally transformed black plain sandals

into elegant women footwear. Let’s get a bit more minimal look whilst giving

an intellectual appearance at the same time such as Helmet Lang slippers,

3.1 Phillip Lim hybrid shoes made of a mixture between oxford sandals,

Mario Schwab ankle ring flat shoes and Givenchy colorful flats.


It’s becoming a mega trend of femininity with new beauty aspects.

From Rick Owens show, the presentation started by rhythmic sound that

no one could imagine what could be happened after the first minute.

Dancing parade of stepping team strongly rallied into the runway.

What they wore are not just clothes. It’s a collection of clothes that actually

works with body, ‘Clothes for action’. No need for any complicated details on them.

Only wrapping, twisting, knotting are bounded together as these women teamwork.

Basic techniques are also founded in Junya Watanabe collection.

Excepting the deconstruction conceptual idea, Braids and fringes were applied into this

collection. If braid is representing ‘Girl’, this girl is raw. Fabric edge were trimmed and knotted

describing some senses of native Indian American tribe. More of extravagant statement

spoken by feather headpiece that look almost similar to Louis Vuitton Peacock plumes headdress

designed by Stephen Jones, this outstanding LV dresscode came together with Blackness.

Although,this is a goodbye collection of Marc Jacob voiced to Louis Vuitton but it didn’t

really feel morn or sad. Besides, there was a spirit of wild American designer who played with jeans.

This American denim heritage seemed to be the key item of ‘Power girl trend’ as emerging

in both Junya Watanabe and Louis Vuitton collections.





Fashion goes back-forward and younger. Bringing school attitude back to the runway,

Viktor & Rolf has re-statement student jacket giving out an innovative outlook for women’s wear.

Erdem represented English school nostalgia look of white collars with black sweater on.

On the Japanese side, Yohji Yamamoto brought back Japanese school uniform of

long-sleeves white shirt and black skirt that appeared in many Asian school cultures.

Chanel girls got younger too, new Chanel backpack makes the girls look pretty much at ease

to wear school socks with Chanel’s tweed cocktail dress.


White is the most futuristic but simplest color. The idea of making clothes just for its function

is still be the main long-term trend to go. Wearing clothes with no attitude is another choice

for girls who’d like to take a break of complicated issues. A concept of going out dressed up only

Balenciaga jacket while showing your long legs wouldn’t be too much under dressed or over dressed.


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