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SS2014 Ready-to-wear Runway Trend Report

Ready-to-wear show has always been a moving bible for fashion follower to catch on.

No need to describe how important for girls who keep an eye on these 4 major cities trends.

Because ready-to-wear is not only about clothing, it is what women want to be.

How they want to be defined. It is their attitude and how women have changed their lifestyle

season by season. You can even tell what’s happening around the world from fashion show.

From New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion week, so many powerful spirit of spring girls

yet a relaxing kind of summer women either.

The first runway trend that obviously spoke out load is ‘Sportswear’. Nothing can explain a casual plus

energy better than sportswear since many designers have already put statement of sportswear in

luxury market. By its contrast, luxury goods go younger and contain more sense humor.

Women do not always wants to look overwhelming. They are now easier. They don’t care if there’s no

glitter or shimmering fabric as long as t-shirt and football socks can also give them more power.

One thing that I really liked about this trend was that it carried out reality.

You can imagine a stylish city girl in Alexander Wang’s tennis mini skirt.

An office woman puts their trainers instead of high heels, just like Kenzo’s girls.

Heels with sporty socks can be a good combination as casual styling idea.

MM6 oversize tee made of sheer fabric is effortlessly redefined today’s luxury perception.


Camouflage worked together with art aspect. Containing culture and liberal ethnic,

Givenchy mixed two different cultures between African and Japanese impression

whilst giving out some sense of cryptic voodoo styling. Chanel girls got more young and free.

Their old- school sentimental look with a randomly color-pencil art prints,

knee length skirt is a key styling point to catch up to.

Get a little bit more traditional appearance from Prada show, the splashing colors

inspired from South American street arts generated an amazing playful day-look

with football socks. Last but not least, Christopher Kane has never let us down of his provoking idea.

Resurrecting illustrations from high school biology student’s book

to a beautiful color matching patchwork dress.


Another obviously seen in details is pleating. Coming with loose and airy silhouette,

pleating created clothes that breathe for whoever wearing. From Dries van Noten show,

loads of dynamic pleating was moving. These pleatworks didn’t cause a sense of feminine opulence

anymore; they moved women’s body. Dynamic element can be described through a foil print.

Some pleat doesn’t breathe with a moving draping like Christian Dior pleated cocktail dresses,

they move by visual effects. Proenza schouler foil printed on ankle length pleat skirt

delivered a new state of pleating future. Stronger and feistier.


Even though there’s a lot of sheen white, beige skin tone and many shades of blue.

Pink come as a driver of entire mood of the collection. You might have seen various hues

of pink family. Hot pink, light flamingo, blazing neon, magenta and coral pink

didn’t conduct the whole show as the key color but they completed the entire story

with an optimistic fashion sentence.


Please continue on the part2 report.

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