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FW2012 Menswear Runway Trend – Part II

Cape design has been in the womenswear for a while, this season we see them being popularized in menswear. There is great variety to choose from, from Umit Benan’s military inspired cape to Mugler’s superman’s cape. Not necessarily in cape shape, Valentino explored the versatility of overcoat by simply adding a strap across the collar, making a classic piece trend-adaptable.

You cannot deny that there is certain kind of superhero influences in this season. Besides the cape, there is certain kind of bulk up silhouette going on. The sculpturally enlarged shoulder shows a powerful masculinity that is not owned by the skinny male models that previously dominated the runway.

Breeches, tailcoat and heavily embroidered clothing evoke a romantic sentiment of the Victorian period. It seems that we are moving forward while looking backward at the same time. By reinventing the romanticism to menswear, this move becomes more delighted and sexy.

The androgynous mood has been built up for several seasons. For this fall/winter, designers experimented a new short-over-long layering for men that is more often seen in womenswear.

Mix it together. The art of patchwork seems to be taken into a new level. Not only different patterns are put together, sometimes they are fused into the background. We can also see there is a mix of fabrics in one item.

Seems men are finally liberated from the skinny tight jeans. As far as we have seen, looser trousers are going to be the mainstream. Even Giorgio Armani, the boardroom choice of men, is advocating a comfortable silhouette in this season.

This season is pretty dark, with prevailing amount of black. But we spotted a spectrum of red that stands out in the darkness.

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