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FW2013 Menswear Runway Report

I could imagine when designers were making this collection back in 2012, they were all under one influence: The Mayan Calendar. As we were told it was the end of the world, designers were trying to imagine their version of 2013 at the edge of the era.

Some are looking at the new generation and their new future for hope. MTV’s recent study referred to the Millennials as “no collar worker” as they blur the boundaries between work and social life. While more and more millennials prefer working in a no-boss-no-office environment, the collarless jacket seems to be a good “business attire” for the new gen. This new gen is also born in a society of cut and paste. We take ready-made materials and mash them up to our pleasure. Different colours and materials are fused into one. Sportswear and suit are combined without feeling odd. As the age of in-home 3D printing become closer and closer, we are going to favour interesting textures and 3-dimensional surfaces. Clothes are shouting “Touch Me” proudly.

Some are looking at the classic and the glory. Tailoring is still strong as we love timeless classic. Pinstripe is not looking old but fashionable. There is twist to this classic pattern though – the stripes are going irregular and matching with new partners. The love of classic also drives us to the history of art. Dolce & Gabbana is inspired by classical art in cathedral, Iceberg and Hardy Amies have Bauhaus influence, and Paul & Joe goes surrealism.

Some are simply going wild. Models are camouflaged in animal fur like we are living in the wildlife like our ancestors again.

The complex sentiment bred a neutral colour for this season – grey. One could see their own version of future inside the neutrality of grey.

FW2013 Menswear3
FW2013 Menswear4
FW2013 Menswear6
FW2013 Menswear5
FW2013 Menswear7

FW2013 Menswear8

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