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Sao Paulo Spotlights! : They love Arts

In the recent decade, Sao Paulo appears to be one of the world runway rookies. For me, Sao Paulo fashion week is the most sincere fashion show that I have ever seen. They are straightforward. They are open. They are cool and they love Arts. Many collections were decently designed. You will simply get what they want to say through them. This season, I’ve picked out 4 outstanding brands from the Fall/Winter 2012 runway shows which inspired from Arts.


Designed by Carolina Gold and Pitty Taliani, this collection mainly played with prints and structure. The funky and cartoonish hand sketched drawings and the solid line structure are a perfect combination of two different things. This is the way they showed the power of contrast.

Pedro Lourenço

The print of Pedro Lourenco is like masterpiece watercolor paintings of glaciers and mountain. He drew inspiration from his own journey in the desert and geniusly translated his emptiness feeling to the collection. Is this also the way fine art artists do?


One thing you can’t deny when you first see the collection is that they must be really passionated about medieval stain glass art. Every arch and curve lines they used in the prints gave the idea of Notre dame basilica architecture.

Tufi Duek

Some people say Mugler is a illimitable artist who demonstrated his works on runway. What if a fashion designer got an inspiration from Mugler…Is it gonna be considered as plagiarism? Or it’s just simply getting inspired from the artist’s work?  For this collection, Eduardo Pombal, a creative director who developed his collection from Mugler sportwear in the 80’s inspiration and transformed it in his own way. Completed with charming and elegant pattern cutting, Tufi Duek used very clean and clear look to reinterpreted Mugler.

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